Kaikōura Gets Ready

Kaikōura Gets Ready is a game changer for you, your whānau and your neighbourhood! 

It allows the Council to send alerts by txt or email and support phone trees all from one place. 

It only take a minute to sign up too easy!

2018.04 Kgets ready detail smallGets Ready is a tool to help prepare neighbours to be part of a coordinated community response. In a disaster, your neighbours are your first line of support and this tool helps you communicate with each other and Council, to get the support you need in a crisis. 

"Community groups and neighbourhoods who had strong ties before the earthquake were able to do a lot of good, fast work during the response."

- KDC Emergency Management Officer, Kd Scattergood.

Know someone whose doesn't have access to internet or a cell phone?

No worries. They can sign up by calling Kd Scattergood (319 5026 ext. 237). By letting us know that they don't have internet or a cell phone, it will allow the Council to keep them on a data base for those who need a landline call during an emergency. It will also help us keep track and support people who need extra help in an emergency.

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 What is Gets Ready and what does it do?

Gets Ready is...

  • An alerting tool - Council can send out real time messages to all, or specific areas within the District
  • A feedback tool - neighbourhoods can send real time information back to the Council during an emergency with information on welfare and needs
  • A neighbourhood network tool - bringing together people and building more resilient communities
  • A database builder - allows the Council to have records of voluntary resources and skills available within the community (this will help Council allocate volunteers and resources more efficiently during an emergency)
  • A database of information - about residents with higher needs, so that Council can allocate resources there as soon as an emergency occurs

Kaikōura Gets Ready is part of the larger North Canterbury Gets Ready Website. But you will receive alerts specific to Kaikōura.

Your Gets Ready account...

  • One per household/address with all contact details of people living there
  • Linked to your physical address (the one you live at)
  • You can put details on your account that highlights your needs during an emergency. This is recorded, and only the Council and your street contact has this information available (so they know to make sure you are a-okay straight away in an emergency)
  • Allows neighbours and communities to organise and feedback information to Council during an emergency

So how does it work?

You and your neighbourhood sign up (it only takes a minute) and you are added to Kaikōura’s database. The tool works on a mapping system, so you will only be sent alerts relevant for the address that you have recorded (e.g. per water scheme for boil water notices or per area for flooding risk). You need to make sure your address details stay up to date so you are only receiving alerts relevant to you.

Don't worry, we won't flood your email account. We only alert you when we need you to take action. 

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Neighbours helping neighbours

2018.03 NCGR website

Kaikōura Gets Ready is an excellent tool for building your neighbourhood support network. Neighbours are the first to help in an emergency. Make sure everyone in your neighbourhood is cared for during an emergency by encouraging your neighbours to sign up to Gets Ready. 

By helping sign up whānau members that aren't able to receive alerts by email or texts, you are letting the street contact, as well as the Council know that they may need some extra assistance during an emergency. Just make sure you register them to their address, not yours.

Have whānau that might need evacuating quickly? Have a plan in place with their neighbours to help them evacuate, and then they can notify you that your loved one is safe. 

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The technical stuff...

2020.03 alert NCGR website

As a user, the first thing you need to do is sign up and keep your details up to date. The website says 'North Canterbury Gets Ready' because Kaikōura is part of the larger North Canterbury network. You will only get information for Kaikōura and once your neighbourhood is linked, and street contact selected you're good to go!

So fast! So easy!

Information is sent real time, as soon as the Council is made aware of an event. 

You will be notified in events such as:

  • A boil water notice is issued for the scheme you are on
  • A fire is out of control and you need to know about it
  • A flood warning is issued, if you live near a river
  • Severe weather is imminent and we need your neighbourhood to be prepared to bunker down
  • A tsunami warning is issued by Civil Defence. Remember,  a long (hard to stand) or strong (more than a minute) earthquake is the alert to go to higher ground. Don't wait for an official warning

So sign up, spread the word and get your neighbourhood involved in Kaikōura Gets Ready today!

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Gets Ready is a tool that allows Council to send real-time alerts during an emergency, lets people register friends or whānau that may need extra assistance in an emergency, lets people register skills, resources or aid that they can provide during an emergency, and helps prepare neighbourhoodss to be part of a coordinated community response - in a disaster your neighbours are your first line of support.

"Community groups and neighbourhoods who had strong ties before the earthquake were able to do a lot of good, fast work during the response."

- KDC Emergency Management Officer, Kd Scattergood.

It only takes a minute to sign up, but that minute can help you become more prepared in the event of an emergency.

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