Community Facilities Rebuild

Council looks after a number of buildings/facilities that were damaged in the 2016 earthquake. We are working with the community to ensure that these facilities are weathertight and safe to use.  Click each facility below to see what work it requires. 

See the latest news about the Community Facilities Rebuild here.


What work needs doing?

Town zoomRepairing or replacing  the majority of our community facilities including the swimming pool, skate park, tennis courts, Memorial Hall, the old council building, housing for the elderly, airport and hangar, the harbour, and toilet blocks across the District.

The image displayed shoes some community facilities (yellow) in the township area.

Full a full version of the map here (PDF).  

19 December 2017

The table below shows the current plans for some of our key projects.

community facilities

As well as the work mentioned above we have:

  • Closed the Old Fyffe wharf end 
  • Just under $1,000,000 committed to minor repairs for community facilities (complete by June 2018)
  • $300,000 committed to assessment, planning and design work for community facilities
  • $150,000 committed to improve safety at the Wakatu New Wharf
  • Temporary repairs to the skate park and tennis courts 
  • Demolition of Jimmy Armers toilets and replacement with temporary facilities (including a shower)
  • $20,000 of staff time committed to working with Sport Tasman to identify a site and look at fundraising and affordability options for the new pool.
  • Undertaken detailed assessments on all Council owned facilities to understand the extent of the damage and to help inform our discussions with insurers
  • Begun developing a community facilities plan to prioritise the rebuild
  • Repaired Memorial Hall external lighting and heating.

29 November 2018