Community Grants

Community grants are Government funded grants to support organisations within the local community and neighbourhood that operate on a not-for-profit and voluntary basis.


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Mayoral Earthquake Relief Fund

Established immediately following the 2016 earthquake for:

  • Those who need a little helping hand
  • People who need the funds to pay for essentials for daily life (bills, groceries, reading glasses or white-ware etc.)
  • Those facing financial burden or costs due to the earthquake
  • Those facing costs not covered by insurance or other funds (such as WINZ support). 
  • Read more here.

Amount: Hardship grants are generally around $500 per household, but may vary according to needs.

Criteria: People facing hardship as a result of the earthquake.

Who can apply? Anyone who was a resident of Kaikōura District on 14 November 2016.

Applications close: Funding can be applied for any time.

Contact: Kaikōura District Council.

Established: Immediately following the 2015 earthquake.

Approval process:Complete the application form, return it to Council. Applications are assessed and paid out monthly. Grants are paid directly into successful applicant’s nominated bank accounts.

Download an application form here.


Download some FAQ about the fund here.


Want to make a donation? 

Donations can be made to bank account 02-0856-0011698-005. 


Generosity New Zealand Funding Database

A resource of awards, scholarships and grants available to New Zealand individuals for personal development, principally in academic, artistic, research and sporting fields.

It has scholarships for:

  • School
  • Polytechnic
  • Travel grants
  • Sports and arts schemes
  • Personal grants
  • Personal development funds
  • Academic and non-academic funding

You will need to hold a valid Library membership as the database requires you to use your library card to log in.

Sign up to the Library by visiting the team at the Library (Level 1, Civic Centre, 96 West End, Kaikōura).

See the database here


George Low Trust Fund

This Trust was established as a bequest from Mr. George Low in 1974 to provide sports and recreational equipment for the youth of Kaikōura.

Amount: $4,500 per annum

Criteria: Successful recipients must complete an accountability form to show where the money granted was allocated.

Who can apply? Individuals, organisations or schools for up to 19 year olds.

Application closes: End of March.

Contact: Kaikōura District Council.

Established: 1974.

Approval process: Fill in an application form and return it to Kaikōura District Council. You must state what you or your organisation wants to use the funding for, as well as the details around who and how your project/requested equipment  will benefit the youth of Kaikōura.

Download an application form.

Download and accountability form.


 Kaikōura Initiatives Fund

The Kaikōura Initiatives Fund was set up to support & encourage public education & Community events. If you have an exciting Community Project in the works download the application form and check out eligibility for the Kaikōura Initiatives Fund!

Amount: $10,000 available per annum.

Criteria: Successful recipients must complete an accountability form to show where the money granted was allocated.

Who can apply? Individuals or organisations with charitable status.

Applications close: Applications close end of March and September each year.

Contact: Kaikōura District Council.

About: A fund to support projects and events that contribute to achieving annual objectives of the Council and Long Term Plans, such as; activities that contribute to the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of Kaikōura; non-profit making, voluntary community groups that encourage public education.

Approval process: The Committee meeting is held two weeks after the application close date. Notification is normally within one week of the Committee meeting, to advise applicants on the Panel’s decision.

Download an application form (PDF)

Download an application form (Word)

Download an accountability form


 New Zealand Creative Community Scheme

The purpose of the Creative Communities Scheme is to encourage, promote and support the arts in New Zealand. If you are part of a group or an individual planning a performance, exhibition, festival, creative workshop or art project in the Kaikōura Community then this may be for you!

Amount: $7,500 available per annum

Criteria: Projects applied for must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Access and Participation: Create opportunities for local communities to engage with, and participate in local art activities.
  • Diversity: Support the diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communities.
  • Young People: Enable young people (under 18 years) to engage with, and participate in the arts.

Who can apply? Individuals or organisations. Individuals must be NZ citizens or permanent residents. If you have already received funding from CCS for a project, you must complete a report on that project before making another application, unless the project is still in progress.

Applications close: There are meetings held in February, May and August where funding decisions are made.

Contact: Kaikōura District Council.

Established: Creative New Zealand is a Crown entity governed by the Arts Council. The council encourages, promotes and supports New Zealand arts to benefit all New Zealanders.

About: Each year Creative New Zealand provides funding to city and district councils for distributing in their area.

Approval process: It is useful to attach COPIES of material supporting yours application (such as previous work undertaken by the group/individual or letters of support from key people in the community).

Download an application form (PDF).

Download an application form (Word).

Download an application guide.

Download a project completion report.


Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund

This fund is to help with transport expenses to local sporting competitions.

Amount: $9,500 available per annum.

Criteria: Schools sports teams or sports clubs teams are defined as:

  • School club team participating in regular local sport competition out of school time, that excludes inter school and intra school competitions played during school time”, and/or
  • “A sports club team participating in organised, regular sport competition through club membership outside of school time”.

Who can apply? Rural sports clubs, rural school teams with people aged 5-19years.

Applications close: End of March.

Contact: Kaikōura District Council.

Established: This fund is designed to help subsidise rural travel for junior teams aged between 5-19years.

About: It helps school and club sports teams participate in local sporting competitions. The fund is not available for travelling to regional or national events or to one-off events.

Download an application form.

Download an accountability form.

Rural Travel Fund Guidelines 2018-2020.

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08 August 2018