New Zealand’s Biodiversity is unique and a large number of our species can be found nowhere else in the World.

In Kaikōura, there is a wide range of important native species and ecosystems. Kaikōura is well-known for its NZ fur seals, whales and dolphins. It is also home to twelve native lizard species including the unusual black-eyed gecko and almost a quarter of the native plant species in the country. The last two surviving colonies of Hutton’s Shearwater breed here along with 30 other indigenous bird species.


Biodiversity in Kaikōura

Responsible cat ownership

Estimates suggest New Zealand’s 1.4 million domestic cats kill at least 18.76 million animals a year, including over 1.1 million native birds.

Cats only bring back on average 1 in 5 kills, so even if it seems that your cat isn’t bringing home many birds to show you, chances are it’s killing a lot more.

Being a responsible cat owner can greatly reduce your cat’s impact on our wildlife.

Images courtesy of Fairlie Atkinson

06 December 2018