Freedom Camping

Freedom camping is when you camp on public land that isn't a recognised camping ground or holiday park.

Freedom camping is prohibited on Council Reserves and in the South Bay Recreation Reserve.  Freedom camping is discouraged throughout the peninsular, town and residential areas. We ask everyone to be considerate of our environment and other users. Only camp where you have access to facilities and follow the guidelines.


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Who can freedom camp?

If you want to freedom camp in Kaikoura, you must have access to a toilet or have an on-boardtoilet, wastewater collection and rubbish disposal facilities.

Freedom camping is limited to two days, unless you are otherwise informed.


Where can I freedom camp?

Camping is discouraged particularly in the town centre, residential areas and the rest of the Kaikoura peninsula (shown on the map).

Camping is also prohibited on Council reserves and in the South Bay recreation reserve. Camping in prohibited areas may result in an infringement notice.

Freedom campers should use designated public spaces, camping areas or camping grounds. For more information, contact the local i-Site Visitor Centre or District Council.


Freedom camping on DOC land

Freedom camping on DOC land is generally allowed. There are some places on DOC land where you can't camp because the site has a special value, for example it's a Māori burial site (urupa) or a protected plant or animal is there.

Conservation areas where you can't freedom camp 


Freedom camping etiquette

There are other Council bylaws that may apply and controls under other legislation, such as for noise, dog control, liquor in public places, and parking control.


Recycling and Rubbish

Kaikoura is a Zero Waste Community, visit Innovative Waste Kaikoura centre to recycle your empty cans, drink bottles and packaging or glass bottles and/or dump rubbish.

For more information see our Recycling and Rubbish page.


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