In the 1990s, the Kaikoura Community realised that the growth in visitor numbers was beginning to have effects on the natural environment and on the local infrastructure, and together they decided to adopt a sustainable approach to growth in the district.

A programme, now known as Earthcheck was adopted to help measure the community’s environmental impacts.

Kaikoura is now part of the Sustainable Living programme. The Sustainable Living programme is a practical, fun way to learn and use actions to reduce your environmental impacts at home.

For free access to the learning materials, please go to the Sustainable Living Website

Kaikoura measures a series of indicators to assess the Community’s impact on the environment. Careful monitoring, planning and the introduction of innovative strategies are used to reduce environmental impacts and pressure on resource use.

What you can do to help:


If you can spare an hour, a day, or part of a day for:


Lorraine at Trees for Travellers
P: 319 7148

Rachel at Council
P: 319 5026
Email Rachel

Reduce Waste

Commit to reducing energy and water use

Fantastic No Plastic

Help us reduce waste and protect our marine environment by using Re-Usable Bags.

Say NO to a plastic shopping bag.

Respecting our natural environment

Help us by acting responsibly

Public Place Recycling Bins

Help us by using the Love NZ Recycling Bins.

Trees for Travellers

Help us by buying a Tree, planting a Tree or Volunteering to help.

Walking and Cycling

Help us by hiring a bike or walking to explore our environment.

Respect our Coast

Follow fishing quotas and size limits.

Keep your distance from marine mammals and remember they are wild animals not pets.

Sustainability Timeline

Path to Sustainability

Find out more about the Kaikoura Marine Management Area