Swimming Pool Rebuild

The existing swimming pool in Kaikōura on the Esplanade was closed in 2016 after it was damaged by the earthquake. Since then, Council has provided funding support for a temporary ‘pop-up’ pool.

Council staff, the Sport and Recreation Recovery Leadership Team (SRRLT) and members of the community have worked hard over the last two years to investigate pool options for the community. Reports were presented at the December 2018 Council meeting where Council decided against an interim repair for the existing pool. A working group will be established to further investigate all future pool options. Work will start in early January 2019.

Council decisions on a community swimming pool (December 2018)

The pool was a key focus of the December 19th Council meeting. Council heard from a number of community representatives and the SRRLT and spent a significant amount of time considering a report from Council staff about the way forward. Council acknowledged the work undertaken by SRRLT to date on this project and thanked Sport Tasman (Nigel Muir), Mark Fissenden, Kim Boyce-Campbell and Winston Gray for their efforts in preparing their proposal for an indoor pool facility. Council also acknowledged the work undertaken by John Diver and his team to date on this project and thanked them for their efforts in preparing their proposal.

Council decided not to repair the existing pool as an interim solution, instead they agreed the following way forward:

 1. A working group will be formed to:

  • Review all the information gathered to date on pool options
  • Identify and assess any other options
  • Verify both capital and opex costs for all options
  • Form a view on the realisation of community fundraising and on realistic targets and timeframes for this.

2. Appoint the following people to the working group:

  • Councillor as Chair (Craig Mackle)
  • A financial expert with experience in assessments of similar projects including funding options (in consultation with the CEO)
  • A member of the community
  • A member of the Rūnanga.

3. Invite the members of the SRRLT to be part of this working group.

4. Request that the working group report back to Council by 31 March 2019.

The existing pool site will sit unused until at least April 2019. This gives the Working Group and Council time to decide what the long term solution for a pool and for the existing site are. Because any decisions about the pool are likely to significantly affect the future of our community and have a cost to our ratepayers, options around the pool must be included as part of the Annual Plan consultation 2019-2020. 

Council also agreed that the Working Group will be able to invite additional members as required/needed.

The Working Group will get underway early in 2019 including a call for expressions of interest for a community representative.


Read the supporting documents here:

Local swimming facilities


 - 'Pools in Schools' temporary pool: 10mx4m

 - Available for public use, during the summer

(mid-October to the end of March)

 - Heated to 26⁰ and covered by a marquee

 - Location: on the Kaikōura Primary School netball courts  

(enter off the Esplanade)

 - Contact: Sport Tasman Kaikōura

Kaikōura Primary School

 - Kaikōura Primary School pool: 11x5m

 - Covered and heated

 - Contact: Kaikōura Primary School - 03 319 5440  





Dusky Lodge

 - Dusky Lodge pool

 - 67 Beach Rd

 - Outdoor and heated

 - Available to non-guests $5 per swim

 - Contact: Dusky Lodge - 03 319 5959



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