Swimming Pool Rebuild

The existing swimming pool in Kaikōura on the Esplanade was closed in 2016 after it was damaged by the earthquake. Since then, Council has provided funding support for a temporary ‘pop-up’ pool.

A working group was established in January 2019 to review all the information and work done to date, identify any other options, agree how community fundraising and other funding could work and how long it may take. 

They met on Wednesday 20 March 2019 and worked together to put together a community led project to build a new indoor pool for Kaikōura over the next 4 years.

The working group have put together a plan for the next six months that hopes to see a community based charitable trust formed to lead the project, a final site chosen, a fundraising strategy In place and around $1.5 million in funding, grants and in kind sponsorship secured. The working group will be providing regular updates to Council and the community on the project’s progress.  

The groups top  preference is to see a new indoor pool built on Scarborough Street at a total estimated project cost of around $5.6 million. This will be split into two stages, with stage one costing $3.9million to develop the site and build an outdoor pool similar to the existing pool but to modern standards. Stage two sees an additional $1.7million to enclose this pool at a later date. The working group recommends Council support the formation of a Trust to ensure the project is community led. 

Under the plan Council will partner with and support the trust through a project funding contribution of $1 million  and a commitment to fund an operating cost of $250k per year as well as ongoing support to the working group and Trust throughout the project.

A total of three options will be presented to Council along with the plan for the way forward at their Council meeting next week. To arrive at these options, The group considered all options and work to date, approaches to pool projects of similar types in neighbouring districts and discussed and measured different pool options and sites against a matrix, to determine scores for both pool type and site. 

Community members wanting to have their say about pool option and site will be able to provide feedback as part of the Annual Plan process later this year.

Working Group Chair, Councillor Craig Mackle is proud of the progress the working group has made, “It was good to see the working group get an understanding of each other's different viewpoints and then come together as one, to come up with what we believe to be a well-covered plan of attack,” he said.

"The expertise and experience of those on the working group really helped drive this project to a good point. We have some extremely passionate and knowledgeable people in the group who are a credit to the community. I can't wait to get stuck in and see the community rolling up their sleeves and coming together to make this happen."

Those wishing to express interest to be members of the trust, can send their name, contact details and reasons for wanting to be on the Trust, to kim.whitwell@kaikoura.govt.nz. Membership will be jointly decided by the working group/existing Trust members and Council. Applicants will need to be Police vetted and will be advised of the outcome of their application following Trust/Council meetings.



Local swimming facilities


 - 'Pools in Schools' temporary pool: 10mx4m

 - Available for public use, during the summer

(mid-October to the end of March)

 - Heated to 26⁰ and covered by a marquee

 - Location: on the Kaikōura Primary School netball courts  

(enter off the Esplanade)

 - Contact: Sport Tasman Kaikōura

Kaikōura Primary School

 - Kaikōura Primary School pool: 11x5m

 - Covered and heated

 - Contact: Kaikōura Primary School - 03 319 5440  





Dusky Lodge

 - Dusky Lodge pool

 - 67 Beach Rd

 - Outdoor and heated

 - Available to non-guests $5 per swim

 - Contact: Dusky Lodge - 03 319 5959



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