Alcohol Licensing Public Notices

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 requires all alcohol licence applications to be publicly notified. This applies to applications for new On-licences, Off-licences and Club Licences and also to applications to renew existing licences. Public Notification of applications are made either on this website, or in a newspaper that the Licensing Committee has nominated (the Kaikoura Star). Special Licences are not routinely publicly notified. Site notices will also appear on the premises.

Anyone wishing to make an objection to an application must do so within 15 working days of the the date of publication of the notice. Working days do not include weekends, public holidays, or any day between 20 December and 15 January (inclusive).

If you would like to view a copy of any of the below applications, please contact the office on 03 319 5026.

Current Applications

On Licence - Kekerengu Valley Farm Limited (Sleepers Vineyard) - 68 Kekerengu Road, Kekerengu - Objection period closes 05 December 2018

On Licence renewal - Anthony Wilson (Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses) - SH1, Hapuku - Objection period closes 06 December 2018

Club Licence renewal - Kaikoura Bowls Club Incorporated - 18 Ludstone Road - Objection period closes 06 December 2018

On Licence renewal and variation - Groper Garage - 50 West End - Objection period closes 17 December 2018

On Licence renewal - Christine Rye (Fyffe Country Inn) - 458 SH1 - Objection period closes 19 December 2018


24 October 2018