Building Consents & LIMs

Understanding Consents

Want to understand how building consents, LIM Reports, Resource Consents are applied for? Check out these short and informative videos from Hutt City Council (they’re relevant to us here too) 


A LIM provides information useful for people considering purchasing a property. This includes; existing Building and Resource Consents, District Plan zoning status, presence of flood zones or other hazards 

Cost and processing times:

Important: LIMs disclose all relevant information known to the Kaikoura District Council about a property - they do not contain information that is not known by this Council (such as any resource consents issues by Environment Canterbury). If you are considering purchasing a property you may also wish to apply for a LIR (Land Information Report) from Environment Canterbury. 

Building Consents

If you are building a new house please fill in the Application for Service Connection Approval.

If you are applying for other building consents, give our customer services staff a call for advice or use our application checklists to make sure you are giving us all the information we need.

Application Forms 


Useful Information

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