Building Information and Consents

If you are planning to build or renovate your home or business premises, almost everything you build needs to meet a number of standards and regulations.

Kaikōura District Council is the Building Consent Authority for our district, providing building consent for work that needs approval and inspection under the Building Act. 

2018.04 applying for consent

All the information you need to get started on your building project

2019.04 application forms and deposits 1Application forms for building consents and information on deposits and fees 

2018.04 processing consent button

Information on how long the Council has to process a consent and what aspects need to be taken into account before approving it 

2018.04 inspecting your consent

Information on how the Council inspects consent conditions, whether they have been followed

2018.04 certifying your building work code compliance certificates

Information on code compliance certificates, why you need them, how to apply, time frames and compliance with your CCC

2018.04 earthquake prone buildings

Information on the management of earthquake prone buildings and making changes to an EQ prone building

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Last update: 9 May 2018