Application Forms and Building Consent Fees

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Building Consent Application Fees

You will need to pay a fee for the building consent. The amounts required are set out in our fee structure (see below). Our fees are based on the complexity of your project and the value of the proposed finished building. These fees are taken as a deposit (your account will be charged in NZD).

Also included on the fee structure is the government levy which is charged with your consent. The levy contributes to the development and management of national building regulations (Building Act and Building Code).Other levies are included on our fee structure as well.

If Council identifies something that requires further investigation, or wasn’t in your application, more information may be requested. You will need to source the information and might need to pay additional fees.

If you amend your plans once your building consent is granted, you will need to pay additional fees for Council to review your amendment.


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Application Forms


Form 2 - Application for PIM and/or building consent

Form 2B - Owner-Builder Statutory Declaration

Form 2C - Notice of Owner-Builder

Form 6 - Application for code compliance certificate

Form 8 - Application for certificate of acceptance

Form 14 - Application for determination

Form 15 - Application for certificate for public use

Owner Authorisation of Agent

Adding Property Reports to Property File

Application for an exemption

Application for a discretionary exemption from building consent for a standalone pole shed up to 200m² in a rural zone


Other Forms

Form 11 - Application for amendment to compliance schedule

Construction Statement


Development contributions

Growth in the District, as a result of subdivision and new construction, puts pressure on Council services, and requires Council to upgrade its assets, or add new assets, to meet those demands. Development contributions are a charge provided for in the Local Government Act (2002), which allows Council to recover a portion of the cost to upgrade/add new assets from the developer. 

Without development contributions, existing ratepayers would have to fund these costs.

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5 July 2021