Applying for your building consent

A building consent is the legal document that means you are able to carry out work on your building.

There are other laws that need to be taken into account during the building process such as Building council bylaws, the Resource Management Act, health and safety requirements and laws specifying that qualified professionals must do certain plumbing, gas and electrical work. Some of these laws or regulations may also be applicable during demolition or removal of your home (for example, removal of asbestos). 

 Hutt City Council have made a useful video on building consents. It includes information on when you might need a building consent, restricted building work and walks you through the building consent process.


The links below contain information for when you are thinking of carrying our building work.

If you can't find the information you are looking for here, look on the MBIE website, or contact us.

When and how to apply for a Building Consent:

You must obtain a building consent before carrying out building work.
You can apply: 

  • online via the Simpli portal
  • in person at Council's office, 96 West End Kaikoura 
  • via email 
    Note: If you are making a building consent application via email, please name your PDF attachment files in the following format:
    - PDF Plans
    - PDF Specifications
    - PDF Supporting Documents (e.g. Engineers details, Geotechnical etc.)
    - PDF Application (including proof of ownership)


To be deemed a complete application, the following relevant information is required to be completed and supplied on the application form or through the online portal:

  • The name and contact details of the building owner
  • The name and contact details of the applicant
  • The address of the building
  • The year the building was first constructed
  • The current lawfully established use of the building (including number of occupants per level and use if more than one type of use)
  • A description of the nature of the building work
  • Relevant plans and specifications
  • A description of the impact, if any of the building work on the building’s specified systems
  • To include an estimated value that needs to be appropriate for the work being applied for (section 63)
  • A memorandum (Form 2A) from LBP (designer) if the application contains restricted building work, if not supplied the application will not be accepted for processing

It must also be accompanied by the prescribed application fee, and any plans, specifications and any other information requested or required by Council or the Act.

More information on what to supply with your building consent

What requires consent.

Work that requires consent, land subject to natural hazards, restricted building work, exempt building work and applying for a discretionary exemption. 

PIMS, Resource Consent and Producer Statements.

Information about PIMS and the Resource Management Act/Resource Consents

Amending your consent and lapsed consents.

Changing aspects of your consent (major and minor, product substitution) and what happens when a consent lapses.

Licensed Building Practitioners and DIY.

The type of work LBP's need to do, and all about owner-builder exemptions.

Alternations, change of use, extending the life and subdividing.

Information on building work to existing buildings and subdividing. 

Building for public use.

Building warrants of fitness, compliance schedules, certificate for public use and guidance around accessible facilities.

31 March 2020