Mayors Taskforce for Jobs

The Kaikōura District Council are committed to creating opportunities for sustainable employment for people who are not in employment, education, or training (NEETS) and/or have been displaced from their employment under Covid-19 through the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) Community Recovery Programme. This programme is led by our Mayor, Craig Mackle, and is delivered in collaboration with Te Hā o Mātauranga.

Sustainable employment outcomes are the target through the Community Recovery Programme. All employment outcomes will be monitored, including casual, part-time, or permanent.

This initiative is to provide Council with funding for:

1)   Funding assistance directly for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to support with recruitment, training, wage subsidy support for at risk youth or initiatives that will enable employment (supporting SMEs with transport costs, for example, including transport suitable for physical distancing). 

2)   Finding sustainable employment for Youth (aged 16 -25) and those whose employment has been affected by COVID-19 from our community.

3)   In Kaikōura we have employed a Local Coordinator; Sean Madden, Youth Employability Facilitator; Rosie Poharama- Hepi and a Driving Coordinator; Renee Wood. Contact details below.

4)  Outward Bound has partnered with MTFJ to provide Outward Bound scholarships valued at $3,600 for selected New Zealand youth connected to MTFJ. Click here for more information.

Employer Registration Form


Job Seeker Registration Form

Local employment secured to help the environment - May 2021

The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) are funding 9 locals to tackle invasive vines such as Old Man's Beard and Banana Passionfruit around selected parts of the Kaikōura township over the next 8 weeks.The opportunity arose when Kaikōura Vines Free Project Group, Kaikōura District Council and MTFJ came together with the common goal to provide employment whilst helping the environment.

Environment Canterbury is providing training and materials such as poison gel, this is painted on the cut trunks to ensure the vines do not grow again. The Council is supplying all the cutting equipment and Innovative Waste Kaikōura has offered administration support.

Although the initial jobs are only for 8 weeks it is hoped that through the training and experience gained full time employment could be gained. If you see this hard working group, stop and say a big hello, it's pretty physical working, often on steep terrain without paths. 

Achievements to date - July 2021

Since October 2020 MTFJ have engaged with many clients through employment or training opportunities.

  • We have now assisted 63 people into fulltime work since October 2020.
  • We currently have young people looking for apprenticeships and positions in the following areas: Plumbing, Building, Construction, Retail, Electrical, and Hospitality. 
    If you can help in any way get in touch.

Youth Employment and Driving Coordination achievements to date - September 2021

Youth Employability Programme

There are 7 senior students enrolled and working closely with Kaikōura High School.

Driving Coordination

Since October 2020 the Mayors Taskforce For Jobs has supported the Kaikōura community on their drivers licence journey.

  • 24 individuals taking part in learner license course
  • 215 practical drive sessions
  • 31 learners license passed
  • 28 restricted license passed
  • 7 full license passed
  • 7 individuals taking part in Class 2 learner license course 
  • 7 Class 2 Learner passed
  • 9 Class 2 Full passed

How to engage with this service

Local MTFJ Coordinator
Sean Madden 027 3722248, email or drop into 14 Ludstone Road and talk to one of our friendly team at Te Hā o Mātauranga, Learning in Kaikōura.
Sean is connecting businesses and those seeking work in the Kaikoura and assisting with their training needs. 
Click these links for more information on an Apprenticeship Boost and a Digital Boost for businesses. 

Youth Employability Facilitator
Rosie Poharama- Hepi 027 371 9240
Rosie is running the Youth Employment Program and sees her role as creating inspiration in our youth and community. Click here for more information.

Driving Coordinator 
Renee Wood 027 201 7638
Renee is supporting locals though the driver licencing process. This includes providing courses, helping sorting out the correct paperwork for licence, booking licences and driver mentoring sessions.

For more information on MTFJ, or to speak with Mayors and programme participants, please contact LGNZ Senior Communications Advisor Daniel Webster on 022 524 1217 or email