Proposed Parking Rules Feedback

Council is responsible for managing the safe and efficient use of the District’s roads and is on a journey to improve parking throughout the district.

Step 1: Adopt the new parking bylaw - late 2018
Step 2: Improve the arrangements around the town centre – late 2018.
Step 3: Improve parking arrangements in other areas of the district – 2019 + ongoing. 

Council staff have recently assessed parking needs around the town centre and are proposing some minor changes to parking rules. 

Detailed maps of the proposed changes can be viewed here.

Proposed changes include:

  • Standardizing the parking bay length to 7 metres where possible (to accommodate larger vehicles)
  • Reducing the bus parking in West End to two bus stops plus two 120 minute bus park
  • Changes to some of the time limits along West End and around the Civic Centre to help make sure parking with
  • appropriate time limits is available where it is needed most.
  • Providing five parks capable of accommodating large motorhomes in West End car park
  • Providing designated parks for electric vehicles only in West End car park (by the chargers)
  • Providing time limit parks at the northern end of Deal Street for Civic Centre visitors

If accepted by Council, these changes will be adopted at the 28 November Council meeting and begin being enforced as soon as any required new signs and road markings have been completed.

Tell us what you think about the proposed changes