Property and business owners in Kaikōura pay rates. Some properties are non-rateable (e.g DOC land) but most are rateable.

Rates pay for the maintenance and development of the District’s infrastructure and community facilities, the cost of providing services like the library and Civil Defence and the general running of Council. Council sets its rates annually around the end of June through the Annual Plan or Long Term Plan. The rating year runs from 1 July until 30 June.

Look up your rates

Rates information is displayed for 2022-23

Lookup your rates online using the property address or VG number

The Rating Information Database contains a record of all information required for setting and assessing rates. 

To understand the different charges on your rates bill you can read the rates section of our 2022-23 Annual Plan.  If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact our rates team.

When are my rates due

Rates are broken down into four equal installments and invoiced quarterly. The last day for payment of each installment is shown below;

  • Instalment 1: 20 September
  • Instalment 2: 20 December
  • Instalment 3: 20 March
  • Instalment 4: 20 June

If you don’t pay your rates installment on time you will receive a penalty of 10%. To help avoid penalties we recommend setting up a direct debit or automatic payment for your rates. There are several payment options including fortnightly or monthly - see 'Pay your rates' below for more information.

How to pay your rates

You can choose from the following payment options:

  • Via direct debit. This is the easiest way to pay your rates, fill out the form (link below) and we'll set it up so you don't need to worry when your rates are due. This way also avoids any late payment penalties. We can set this weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. Bank fees may apply, please contact your bank for further information on their fees and charges.
  • To set up a direct debit download the form.
    Then email it to rates@kaikoura.govt.nz or post it to
    PO Box 6 
    Kaikōura 7340
  • By automatic payment through internet banking. Our bank account details are:
    Kaikōura District Council

    Please use your Rates Valuation Reference Number found on the front of your rates notice eg: 21070/11124
  • In the office - come in and see us to pay by credit card, cash or eftpos.
  • We are no longer able to provide credit card payments online due to credit card scams through our online portal, because of this BNZ have ceased this option. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Rates Rebates

To assist people on low incomes Central Government offers rates rebates to people who meet certain requirements. The paperwork is processed by Council and Central Government pays the money onto the rate account, Council then deducts the amount of your rebate from your rates bill. You must apply before June 30.

How much you can claim depends on:

  • Your total rates bill, including local, regional and water rates
  • Your income
  • Whether you have children or other dependents living with you 

If your gross income (before tax) is $25,000 or less, you can often claim the full amount.  The maximum that you can receive is $665 for the current year. 

If your gross income is higher than $25,0000 you may still be able to receive all or part of the rebate.  If you have dependents, your income can be $500 more for each one. For example, if you have 2 children, then you would still be able to get the full rebate of $665 if your income is less than or equal to $26,000.

You can read more about rebates and find an application form here.

How to apply

  • Download and complete the Rates Rebate Form from the link above, you can also ask for a paper copy at the front desk of Council.
  • Call 03 319 5026 for an appointment to get the application form signed by an authorised Council Officer

When rates are not paid

It is important to contact our rating team if you are having issues paying your rates or have any questions.

If you do not pay your rates by the instalment due date there will be a 10% penalty.

A further 10% penalty is added to any unpaid rates on 1 July following the due date. An additional 10% will be incurred every six months thereafter.

You can ask to have the penalty fee waived by requesting a late payment penalty remission.  Complete this form to request a late payment penalty remission 

Rates Remission

Council has a Rates Remission Policy which reduces the rates bill for properties in certain situations including;

For all other remissions please Contact us to apply

How to contact the Rates team