Rating Valuations

2018 revaluation of all properties

Over September and October 2018 Quotable Value completed a revaluation of all properties in the district. 

We're getting the new valuations information entered into our online rates lookup system as quickly as possible. We apologise for the delay. In the meantime, you can find your new values in two ways. 

  1. Email or call (03 319 5026) our rates team with your property address and they'll tell you the new values
  2. Look up your new valuation using your valuation ID/VG number in an excel spreadsheet here 
    1. NOTE: You can find your valuation ID/VG number on your rates bills or by looking up your 2018 rates here

Property owners should receive a revaluation notice advising them of the new values of their property by early November. 

Property owners have until 6 December 2018 to object to the new value iby contacting Quotable Value Ltd.

Under NZ law, Council is required to carry out an assessment of the capital value of properties in the Kaikōura District every three years. 

More information:

2018 Revaluation findings

The three yearly revaluation is an independent process. Council has no influence over the revaluation or the values that come out. The information and graphs below are taken directly from Quotable Values.

Some properties have received significant value reductions as part of the 2018 general revaluation to reflect their current damaged condition.  

Demand for residential properties has increased significantly shown by a high number of sales and upward pressure on property prices.

Motels generally show growth but average overall values reduced due to some having unrepaired damage

The lifestyle market is steady, with majority of demand close to Kaikoura town - the average Capital Value of developed lifestyle property is up 3.1% to $570,000 , the average lifestyle block land value is up %.6% to $285,000.

The rural market is mixed, dairy farm showed – 5.1% capital value reduction and 5.3% land value reduction, but pastoral capital value increased 8.8% on average

Download a copy of the Quotable Valuation presentation to Council here 

2 November 2018