Rebuild Programme

This page has information about Council’s horizontal infrastructure rebuild. The rebuild covers our roads, bridges, and three waters networks (stormwater, wastewater and drinking water). The target date for the completion is June 2020.

Read the latest on key projects and rebuild news. Link to new update coming soon.

Read about the community facilities rebuild and repair covering Memorial Hall, Scout Hall, tennis courts, toilets and more.  

Lyell Creek Sewer

Six Bridges

Clarence Valley Access

Aeration lagoon, Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Structures

Work is needed to repair and/or replace our urban and rural water systems including water sources, storage facilities (tanks and reservoirs), and the pipe network.  This will ensure water quality and control systems across all supplies are up to standard.

Fords Water Supply Reservoir

Totara Lane Pump Station

Peninsula Reservoir

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21 June 2019