Recycling and Rubbish

Kaikōura District is a 'Zero Waste Community'. Our vision is to send zero waste to landfill. We currently divert approximately 75% of our waste away from landfill.

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Household rubbish disposal

There is no roadside rubbish collection in Kaikōura. Household waste needs to be taken to Innovative Waste Kaikoura (IWK). 

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IWK opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday: 9am -4pm 

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10am - 4pm

Tuesdays, Good Friday and Christmas Day: Closed. 

Recycling collection

Weekly roadside recycling collection is available throughout the District. If the collection day is a public holiday, it will be collected the next working day. 

Recycling bins: Are available from IWK, to arrange yours fill out a New Urban Recycling Crates form and hand it into Innovative Waste Kaikōura.

What can be recycled: Please make sure all items are bundled and tied with string or in a bin or bagged securely. Please rinse all items. 

The following items can also be dropped off for at IWK for recycling, they must be clean and re-usable:

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 Top tips for households cutting costs, helping our environment and making the most of free recycling:

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 Businesses rubbish and recycling:

Business are required by our District Plan to separate waste and recycling.

Businesses recycling can be disposed of free of charge at IWK. Alternatively, a business recycling collection service is offered Mondays and Fridays from $11.25 per week. Find out more from Innovative Waste Kaikōura (IWK).

If your waste can’t be recycled, it can be taken to IWK and its' disposal paid for by weight or you may be able to have it collected for a fee. Find out more from IWK. 

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 Top tips for businesses for cutting costs, helping our environment and making the most of free recycling: 

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 Public bins, dumped waste and public toilets:

Although both IWK and Council are committed to keeping our District and its facilities clean and tidy, to keep the costs of these services acceptable to the ratepayer, we have to make sensible decisions about how often things are cleaned/checked.  

Council is currently working with IWK to make sure the appropriate contracts, people and communications are in place to allow IWK to look after the Districts public bins, toilets and deal with dumped waste. This includes:

-        making sure there is a 24/7 contact phone number for the public to report issues with toilets/bins/dumped waste (including human waste)

-        making sure toilets are checked and cleaned as often as is required

-        making sure bins are emptied as often as required

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 How IWK and Council work together:

Innovative Waste Kaikōura is a Council Controlled organisation. Council contracts IWK to deliver services including managing the District’s recycling and rubbish, maintaining public toilets and looking after some of our water infrastructure and services. IWK also provides waste management services to other private business. 

The Council owns 100% of the Kaikōura Enhancement Trust (KET), which in turn owns 100% of Innovative Waste Kaikōura Ltd (IWK). IWK manages the landfill and resource recovery operations, delivers recycling services, and in 2015 was contracted to provide public toilet cleaning services within the district and maintenance for Three Waters.

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Last updated: 5 June 2018