Resource Consent Customer Satisfaction Feedback

Your feedback is important to us. Please take a few moments to fill out this survey about your experience with the resource consent process. 


Overall, how would you rate the helpfulness of the staff in dealing with your application?

How easy was it to get in touch with the Planner in charge of your application?

If you received pre-application advice or assistance from the council, how satisfied were you with this process?

How easy was it to understand the application form?

What parts did you find difficult to understand (if any)?

Was the 'information sheet' given with the application easy to follow?

What do you think was missing or would improve the information provided to assist you in the application process?

Are you satisfied with the time it took to process your application?

If a hearing was held, how satisfied were you with the hearing process and the Committee Members?

Do you think the cost of application was reasonable?

Did you use a consultant/surveyor to assist you in your application?

Please leave any other suggestions/comments about the service you received or about how we could improve our level of service to you below: