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Public Notice of Resource Consent application SU-2022-1874-00 & LU-2022-1875-00

(In accordance with sections 95, 95A and 95D of the Resource Management Act 1991)


Kaikōura District Council has received an application from Vicarage Views Ltd for a resource consent at 2 Mt Fyffe Road, Kaikōura, being Lot 1 DP 3364 and SECTION 34 Block X Mount Fyffe Survey District & PT SECTION 198 Kaikōura Suburban Registration District for the following:


  • A subdivision creating 67-lots in the Residential B zone, with non-compliant lot sizes, averaging 553m2 also causing non-compliance with density standards for the Residential B zone
  • High traffic generating activity resulting in more than 100 traffic movements per day
  • Reducing internal intersections from 125m to approximately 65m
  • The applicant looks to volunteer the following performance standards:
    • ­   35% building coverage
    • ­   Lots 1-65 have a density standard of one dwelling per title or 500m2
    • ­   The remaining lots to have up to 10 residential units or one dwelling per 300m2
    • ­   Building height restrictions on the lots 91 & 92 for a maximum height of 5.5m
    • ­   A condition for recession planes where there is a building with a common wall along a boundary
    • ­   Reducing internal boundary setbacks to 1m
  • The applicant seeks to not form the rights of way A and B to Council’s standard with turning bays

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects.

The application may be inspected at Kaikōura District Council Office or by downloading the application by clicking this link. Please contact a council planner on (03) 319 5026 if you have any questions about the application.


Making a Submission - Submissions now closed

Submissions for this application closed at 4.00pm, 3 March 2023.

You can no longer make a submission for this application.


Will Doughty

Chief Executive Officer


Summary of Submissions

Click on this link to download a summary of submissions

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Andrews RC Application

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2 Wakatu Quay, Kaikoura, being Lot 2 DP 3886 for the following:

  • To establish two one-bedroom dwellings and to use both dwellings for visitor accommodation;
  • The front dwelling will be single story with a floor area of 72m2;
  • The rear dwelling will be a replica lighthouse with four levels, a total floor area of 69m2 and a maximum height of 16.260m above existing ground level.

 Application for a Resource Consent 

Further Information (Sun shading, written approval) 

Public Notice 


Subdivide the property to create 2 separate allotments at Eniscote Farm Limited (The Elms), SH1, Kaikōura

Read the final decision document here 

Application for a Resource Consent

Public Notice

Scheme Plan


2 Freehold allotments & 8 Unit title allotments at 7 Old Beach Road, Kaikōura

Read the final decision document 

Application for a Resource Consent

Scheme Plan

2-lot subdivision at 1370 State Highway 1, Kaikōura

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Application for Resource Consent

Public Notice and Scheme Plan

2-lot subdivision, 71 Skevingtons Road, Kaikōura

Council received an application for a Subdivision Consent to create two smaller sized rural allotments. The application also included a request for a Land Use consent to allow for residential dwellings to be erected or remain established on allotment areas below the prescribed density requirement.

The consent was publicly notified on 2020. The decision was issued on 18 August 2020

Read the final decision document
Application for Resource Consent
Public Notice and Scheme Plan

Percy Subdivision, 871 Inland Kaikōura Road, Kaikōura

Council received a resource consent application to subdivide a 1.0678ha lot (Lot 1 DP6220) into two titles of 2447m2 (Lot 1) and 8231m2 (Lot 2), and to retain an existing dwelling (and associated ancillary buildings) on each of the new titles. 

The consent was publicly notified on 2020. The decision was issued on 8 October 2020

Read the final decision document
Application for Resource Consent
Scheme Plan
Public Notice

Harmac Concrete Limited

Council received a resource consent application from Harmac Concrete Limited for a retrospective activity that included several non-compliances including site extension, noise, traffic and hours of operation.

The consent was publicly notified on the 14 August 2019. A total of 10 submissions were received. Submissions closed on 20 September 2019. The decision was issued on 30 January 2020. 

The consent was processed by an independent planner on Council’s behalf and presented to an independent panel of Commissioners for decision. 

Retrospective consent was granted to operate a combined concrete batching plant, landscape supplies, storage and precast concrete manufacturing operation at Kowhai Ford Road, as a discretionary activity subject to the several conditions.


Sudima Hotel

Sudima Hotels has received the go-ahead to build a new, purpose-built 4.5-star hotel on Kaikōuras shoreline. The hotel will be designed for domestic and international leisure travellers and offer 118 rooms, a restaurant and bar, conference facilities and a gym and pool. The hotel is scheduled to open during the summer of 2019/20.

The resource consent application contained a number of areas that were non-compliant with the District Plan. The application was treated as a restricted discretionary activity. Council has added a number of conditions to the consent to manage the non-compliant areas (such as requirements around noise, lighting and parking) and a non-notified resource consent has been granted.