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Kaikōura District Council's submission on the Water Services Entities Bill

Kaikōura District Council has provided its submission on the Water Services Entities Bill to the Select Committee earlier.  The submission clearly outlines the reasons for Council opposing some aspects of the Bill.  

For further information click on the KDC submission in the link above or visit

Community 4 Local Democracy submission on the Water Services Entities Bill 

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Update: 07 June 2022

Water Services Entity Bill Enters Parliament

On 7 June 2022 the Government introduced the Water Services Entities Bill into Parliament.  This is the first of two Bills giving effect to the Government’s water services proposals. It establishes the four multi-regional entities, their purpose and objectives, and their representation and governance arrangements. The Bill also covers the accountability arrangements for the entities and other levers communities have to influence the direction of the entities.   Some formative transition provisions are also included. The Bill can be downloaded here

The second Bill is expected in September/October and will cover economic regulation, rural supplies, links to planning, the more detailed powers and the flow-on effects for other obligations (such as LTP’24).  

To accompany the introduction of the Bill into Parliament, The Department of Public Affairs has also published a Three Waters Regulatory Impact Assessment and a disclosure Statement for the Bill.  The disclosure statement aims to bring together in one place information to support Parliamentary and public scrutiny of the Bill.

It identifies:

  • the general policy intent of the Bill and other background policy material
  • some of the key quality assurance products and processes used to develop and test the content of the Bill
  • the presence of certain significant powers or features in the Bill that might be of particular Parliamentary or public interest and warrant an explanation

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For more information on the Communities 4 Local Democracy Campaign (C4LD) He hapori mō te Manapori and its models for better water services, visit or their Media Contact: Stephen Doran - 027 202 7784

You can also find more information on the Department of Internal Affairs and the Local Government NZ websites