Information about all our community and social recovery work. 

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How does this fit with the Recovery Plan?

Recovery Plan Goal: Strengthen community resilience, safety and wellbeing; ensure everyone in the community has their essential needs met; and enhance quality of life for residents and visitors.

How we'll achieve it

Support health and wellbeing: Undertake a stocktake of community needs and services provided. Develop a Healthy Kaikōura partnership to coordinate and deliver programmes that support community wellbeing and connectedness. Monitor health and wellbeing outcomes and regularly review progress and actions.

Meet housing needs: Determine temporary accommodation needs and ensure adequate case management support is available. Provide guidance on repairing or rebuilding homes to be healthy, efficient and resilient. Identify actions to meet current and future housing needs including regulatory and non-regulatory methods.

Elderly care: Encourage the private sector to establish a retirement village and dementia care facilities. 

Community activities: Support organisations working to enliven Kaikōura, strengthen community connections, wellbeing and build resilience for earthquake affected communities.

Community facilities: Develop a long-term community facilities plan to repair or replace key community facilities such as pools or playgrounds. Investigate a visitor levy or contribution to support tourism related facilities.

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Last updated: 9 May 2018