Housing in Kaikoura

Information about the housing shortage in Kaikoura, work underway and the related support and information services.

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Why is there a housing shortage?

Right now there’s a shortage of housing and accommodation in our District. Some of this is earthquake related, with around 50 properties now uninhabitable, some of it is seasonal as workers return for the summer and some of it is because our District population is estimated to be 30% bigger than it was pre-earthquake.

Kaikoura has never has a large amount of spare houses and has a history of slow population growth. So this kind of housing shortage is a relatively new problem for our District.

Although there’s no easy solution, we’re doing what we can to help and make sure we have all the information we need to make the best decisions we can.

The way we see it, there are five main parts to the accommodation situation:

What’s been done so far:

Download an FAQ about housing here 

Council is:


Destination Kaikoura is:

NCTIR has:

MBIE has:

Other Council work:

We’re also working on several different projects about earthquake affected housing. Each project has a specific purpose and involves a lot of technical work. The table below summarises each project, you can also download a factsheet here 


R you ok Kaikoura? Wellbeing survey and support

Natural Hazards and Land Damage 

Winter Warmers

Accommodation Support

Waste Minimisation

What it is

Wellbeing survey of all households to see what issues they are dealing with and see how Council can help.

Working with land owners and central government on natural hazard and land damage issues arising from the earthquake.  Looking at options for future land use and building requirements.

Identifying and completing temporary fixes for weather tightness, security and heating issues for those most in need

Provide information and help connecting to the different housing support options available in Kaikoura 

FREE identification and disposal of asbestos and hazardous chemicals and advice for demolition, deconstruction and recycling materials

Who it’s for

All properties will be visited.

All properties affected by natural hazard or land damage issues –mainly clustered in Boat Harbour, Rakautara, Torquay Street and Lyell Creek

Properties identified through the ‘R you ok? Kaikoura’ survey or other referral where people need short-term fixes to help make their houses warm and dry.

Anyone with housing needs in our District

All homeowners with earthquake damaged properties

Where to find more information

The ‘R you ok, Kaikoura?’ brochure

The survey team when they visit

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The Geotech or Council when they visit

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Contact number

Arlene Brown

027 566 3064

03 319 5026

027 564 8252

Dannielle Solheim

03 319 5026 


Natalie Absalom

03 319 5026


Support services and information:

Download a factsheet about these services here

MBIE’s Temporary Accommodation Service:

What is it:  Help finding somewhere temporary to live while repairs or rebuilding is completed.

Who’s it for:  This is for renters who are returning to the same house after repairs are complete or owners needing somewhere short term whilst building work is underway. We've got someone local working with MBIE to help as much as they can.

How you register: 


Register with Council:

Who’s it for:  Anyone with any accommodation needs, permanent or temporary

What is it: A five minute online or phone registration. The point is to help us get an accurate idea of how many people need housing of any kind in our District. Once we know this, we can work better on your behalf with Central Government and others. If we don’t have the numbers, we can’t prove any housing help is needed and we can’t get a long term solution sorted. Once you’ve registered, we will look at your information and get in touch if we think we can help. Even if you don’t hear from us, your registration helps us in the long term.

How you register: 


Ministry of Social Development– Emergency Housing

What is it:  Emergency housing for up to 12 weeks while you find longer term accommodation. If there aren’t any places available with emergency housing providers, you may be able to stay in other temporary accommodation such as a hostel or a motel, for a few days until a longer-term option is available.

Who’s it for: people who urgently need somewhere to stay tonight or in the next seven days

How do you register: call 0800 559 009 or find out more via http://www.housing.msd.govt.nz/housing-options/emergency-housing.html


Housing New Zealand – Social Housing

What is it: housing provided for people who’ve been looking for a place to live, but haven’t been able to find one that meets their needs,

Who’s it for:  NZ citizens who have an income of less than $585.30 a week (after tax) for people who have no partner and no dependent children or less than $900.45 a week (after tax) for people who have a partner and/or dependent children and have less than $42,700 in cash assets.

How do you register: call 0800 559 009 or via  http://www.housing.msd.govt.nz/housing-options/social-housing/who-can-get-social-housing.html

Questions about tiny houses/mobile homes or other creative building solutions: Anyone who is thinking about putting in a tiny home or other building or structure should get in touch. We think it’s a great idea and are keen to help you make it happen but there are rules and regulations so get in touch and we can help.