Recovery Plan

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What is the Recovery Plan?

The Kaikōura District Recovery Plan provides a clear direction for restoring and enhancing our District. It is a major early step towards rebuilding our communities in a future-focused way, laying the foundations for a post-quake Kaikōura that is strong and successful. 

Ultimately it is much more than a Recovery Plan. Together, the residents of the District “Re-imagined the Future”. There will be work to do for many years ahead but now we have a solid foundation on which to build.

What's in it?

The Plan divides recovery into five parts. To be successful all five parts must be developed together with the community at the centre.

The entire plan can be downloaded here, or download individual chapters from the sections below. 

Kaikōura District Recovery Plan (PDF, 2.9 MB)

Community Recovery

Community recovery programme: Strong and caring communities (PDF, 360KB)

  • Education, physical and psychosocial health of the community.
  • Recreational and cultural facilities for all generations and the restoration of heritage sites and buildings.

Economic Recovery

Economic recovery programme: A diverse and sustainable economy (PDF, 263KB)

  • Investment, business, labour and insurance liaison.

Built Environment Recovery

Built environment recovery programme: Quality facilities and infrastructure (PDF, 280KB)

  • Housing, infrastructure, transport and buildings.

Natural Environment Recovery

Natural environment recovery programme: protecting and enhancing the natural environment (PDF, 291KB)

  • Biodiversity, the coast and natural hazards.

Looking to the Future

Resilience programme: looking positively toward the future (PDF, 248KB)

  • Communication, funding, finance, research, governance, coordination and project management of the recovery activities.

Where did the plan come from? 

We started, nine days after the earthquake, by asking the community what you wanted.

On November 23 2016 over 280 people attended a meeting of Kaikōura District businesses. In December 2016 residents’ meetings and a community survey generated nearly 3000 ideas.

All this information was condensed into 34 themes which a January 2017 workshop used to create the first draft of the plan.

Legislative Framework

Developing a general plan for recovery comes within the overarching purpose of the Kaikōura District Council. Under the Local Government Act (Section 10) we are tasked with enabling democratic decision making and meeting the needs of our community today and into the future.

We are also guided by the principles in the Act that require us to be open, transparent and democratically accountable as well as taking into account the diversity of our community, its interests and the likely impacts of any decision we may make. 

We work with the National Recovery Office