District Plan Review

What is the District Plan?


The District Plan is Council’s planning rulebook for building and development in the District. Through the District Plan we can:

  • Decide where and how future development is allowed
  • Aim to ensure natural resources and hazards are managed safely and sustainably
  • Outline how our community plans for natural hazards like floods and earthquakes


Why are we reviewing the District Plan?

The current version of the District Plan has been operative since 23 June 2008. A lot has changed in our district in the last 15 years, particularly in relation to natural hazards, so the plan needed to be reviewed and updated.   

We have almost completed the review and a new version will be published early 2023.  We are awaiting the outcome of one appeal in relation to a plan change. 

In the meantime we are able to publish the approved changes to the Natural Hazards chapter of the new District Plan.

Natural Hazards Plan Change 3

Since the 2016 earthquake Council has been collecting data and updating what we know about the natural hazards in Kaikōura.  

We now have updated information and technical reports on flooding, liquefaction, landslides and active faults in our district. This information has informed the development of new rules within the Natural Hazards chapter of the District Plan.

 The Natural Hazards Plan Change 3 seeks to:

  • Replace the operative Chapter 8: Natural Hazards (whilst carrying over the coastal hazards provisions).
  • Insert new objectives, policies and rules based on new technical information and community engagement to date.
  • Make amendments to other chapters in the operative District Plan relating to natural hazards.
  • Insert new definitions to align with the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement, Resource Management Act and the National Planning Standards.
  • Replace existing planning maps with updated Natural Hazard Overlays.
  • Better meet the communities long term needs.


Next Steps:

  • We will publish an updated version of the District Plan by end February that incorporates the approved changes to Natural Hazards information
  • New Interactive Natural Hazard Maps are currently under development and we aim to have them available by April 2023

Previous Updates and more information

26/09/2022     Natural Hazards Plan Change appeal period closes

16/08/2022     Natural Hazards Plan Change Decision

13/12/2021     Right of Reply document supplied to Hearing Panel

09/11/2021     Natural Hazards Hearing.  Evidence and associated documents listed below:

   Introductory opening statement document

   Tom Anders Evidence

   Evidence Spark Oct 2021

   Main Power - Planning statement of John Scheele

   Statement of Evidence of Jane Doogue on behalf of CRC

   Statement of Evidence of Nick Griffiths on behalf of CRC and KDC - Natural Hazards Chapter

   FFNZ Hearing Statement KKR PC3 

15/10/2021     Section 42a Report circulated

03/06/2021     Further Submission Period Closes.  Submission received listed below:

          Fed Farmers Further Submission

          M Egan Further Submission

21/04/2021     Public Submission period on Natural Hazard Plan Change 3 closes. Download a document with all submissions here.

   List of individual submissions below:

   Cargil Station Submission

   D and L Robinson Submission

   D and L Robinson Submission

   D Kitchingham Submission

   D Melville Submission

   ECan Submission

   Federated Farmers Submission

   G Acland Submission

   K Finnerty Submission

   Kaikōura District Council Submission

   L Adams Submission

   M Egan Submission

   Main Power NZ Limited Submission

   Ministry of Education Submission

   Oil Company Submission

   Semmens S Submission

   Spark Submission

10/03/2021     Plan Change 3 Publicly Notified.  Associated documents to download: 

   Natural Hazards Plan Change 3GIS-2486 Proposed District Plan Map SeriesSection 32 Report


Stakeholder & Community Engagement

  • 14/02/2021    Workshop with Iwi
  • 03/12/2020    Clause 3 Consultation
  • 09/112019 to 30/11/2019 Community Risk workshops