District Plan Review


The District Plan is Council’s planning rulebook for building and development in the District. Through the District Plan we can:

  • Decide where and how future development is allowed
  • Outline how our community plans for natural hazards like floods and earthquakes
  • Develop the kind of community we want to leave our children


A review of the plan is now underway, starting with a review of the natural hazards provisions.

Since the 2016 earthquake Council has been updating what we know about the natural hazards in Kaikōura. 

Council now has updated information and technical reports on flooding, liquefaction, landslides and active faults in our district. This information has informed the new rules within the Natural Hazards chapter of the District Plan.








Natural Hazards Plan Change 3



In accordance with Clause 11 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, Kaikōura District Council advises notification of the decision for the Natural Hazards Plan Change 3 to the Kaikōura District Plan.

The decision may be inspected at:

  • Kaikōura District Council Reception, 2nd Floor, 96 West End
  • Kaikōura Library, 1st floor, 96 West End
  • By clicking on the link below


For further information on Plan Change 3 and to download documents click here


Making an Appeal

Appeals must be made on the prescribed Form 34 under Schedule 1 of the RMA.

You can make an appeal by sending a written copy to the Kaikōura District Council at:


Natural Hazards Plan Change 3

PO Box 6,

96 West End,

Kaikōura, 7300


Or by email at admin@kaikoura.govt.nz 

Or delivered to Council Reception, 2nd Floor, 96 West End, Kaikōura


The Closing date for appeals is 5pm 26th September 2022


Natural Hazards Plan Change 3

In accordance with the Clause 5 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Kaikōura District Council advises that it has prepared the following Plan Change to the Kaikōura District Plan:

The purpose of this Plan Change is to use knowledge gained from the November 2016 Earthquake to improve community resilience and align the District Plan with national and regional direction, using new knowledge gained regarding natural hazards that affect parts of the district.

The Proposed Natural Hazards Plan Change introduces new objectives, policies and rules to manage natural hazards within the Kaikōura District. The Plan Change replaces the current natural hazard provisions in the operative Kaikōura District Plan which manage natural hazards with the exception of those relating to coastal hazards.

The Natural Hazards Plan Change 3 seeks to:

  • Replace the operative Chapter 8: Natural Hazards (whilst carrying over the coastal hazards provisions).
  • Insert new objectives, policies and rules based on new technical information and community engagement to date.
  • Make amendments to other chapters in the operative District Plan relating to natural hazards.
  • Insert new definitions to align with the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement, Resource Management Act and the National Planning Standards.
  • Replace existing planning maps with updated Natural Hazard Overlays.
  • Better meet the communities long term needs.

Summary of Submissions

The community were invited to make submissions on the proposed changes to the Natural Hazards Chapter, 16 submissions were received.

Download the summary of submissions here.

Download individual submissions by clicking on the links below.

Cargil Station SubmissionD and L Robinson Submission 1D and L Robinson Submission 2. D Kitchingham SubmissionD Melville Submission. ECan SubmissionFederated Farmers SubmissionG Acland SubmissionK Finnerty Submission. KDC Submission. L Adams SubmissionM Egan Submission. MainPower NZ Limited_PC3 Submission_FINAL. Ministry of Education Submission. Oil Company Submission. Semmens S SubmissionSpark Submission.

A further submission is limited to a matter in support of, or opposition to, an original submission. Under clause 8 of Schedule 1, further submissions can only be made by:

  • persons who are representing a relevant aspect of the public interest
  • persons who have an interest in the proposed policy statement or plan that is greater than the interest the general public has
  • the Council itself.

The period for further submissions has now closed. Two further submissions were received and an officer’s report is now being prepared in accordance with section 42a of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Fed Farmers Further Submission. M Egan Further Submission

Section 42a report

Under section 42a of the Resource Management Act 1991, an officers report has been prepared which outlines submissions received and the recommendations made. The s42a report also identifies what the proposed changes are to the Natural Hazards Plan Change 3.

The hearing is scheduled to run from the 9th and 10th November.

District-scale landslide risk analysis of debris inundation for the Kaikoura District Report and supporting maps are only a draft. Council anticipates the final report to be available on the website by the week of 25th of October.

s42a report NHPC3 Kaikoura 

GNS 15_10_2021 FIGA3

GNS 15_10_2021 A4

13th October 2021 CR2021-89 Risk Analysis Draft

Interactive Natural Hazards Map

This map is for notification of a proposed change to the Kaikōura District Council District Plan, concerning natural hazards mapped via scientific reports.  

Click here to access the interactive Natural Hazard Map. 


Guidance for Property Owners

Community Engagement Report

Kaikōura District Council developed a community engagement process for its natural hazards plan change that aimed to involve the community in risk-based planning for natural hazards. Central to the community engagement process were two risk workshops held in November 2019. The full report can be found here. Community Engagement Report - Workshops Phase 1 and 2